Collaborations in Craft and Music: end of year event at the Cooroora Institute

Tamsin gave a vote of thanks to all involved in the 2017 year at the Cooroora Institute, finishing with the words: 

The world is built upon the fullness of half-remembered stories. Stories that speak to our intertwining: the metalsmith talks to the moon, the maiden to the wallaby, the wood artist to the mountain, the oceans to the turkeys, the trees to the spirits. These stories are always part of place. And only some of them are human.

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Conversations of Trees

“Ah, bi-pedals…. Always wanting everything to be either one thing or the other and not everything all at once. ‘On the one hand….’ such polarizing debates and understandings. And then there’s those bi-pedals who seek the one truth; maybe it’s because they only have the one head?” ...

Loosely transcribed forest conversation (key words only, omitting the transient ongoing shaking in laughter and power and constant checking in with connecting roots, fungi, dirt, water, leaves, wind, sun, mountain, smoke, fire, microbes, possums, and everything inbetween that would make for so much “babble” that we’d be unable to hear).

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Opening talk to Active 8 … Create


And perhaps this is the connective tissue that runs through the colourful body of this exhibition: a portrait of place through a numinous craft – a presence of divinity indeed. With such a thought, I’d like to pause and admire the ability of such art to create moments of stillness in the midst of our busy lives. Active8 … Create is a showcase worthy of a contemplative awe and admiration for these local artists and their wondrous art. 

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