Conversations of Trees

“Ah, bi-pedals…. Always wanting everything to be either one thing or the other and not everything all at once. ‘On the one hand….’ such polarizing debates and understandings. And then there’s those bi-pedals who seek the one truth; maybe it’s because they only have the one head?”

“Oh yes, well we made an attempt at ascribing them more limbs once, but they faded into representations of gods in a few places. I don’t think they will every be ready for embracing the nuances and complexities of earth, the wonders and the terrors all at the same moment.”

“Alas. They are so limited by their physical shape and belief in mobility. They can’t draw in their resources; they can only rush around creating more chaos in their search for power and peace, always trying to reduce knowings. They never get the chance to learn that they are of and in the flow, they have so little placedness.”

“If only they knew when to shed their leaves, how to draw up water, talk to the earth, bend with the wind. If only they would learn the power of sunlight and rain, of groundedness. If only they could shape the dark sustenance of dirt. If only they could see there is never just one tree, always forests. If only they could embed in complexity.”

“Maybe a few, too few, live such. I would wish them all such multi-branched wisdoms.”


Loosely transcribed forest conversation (key words only, omitting the transient ongoing shaking in laughter and power and constant checking in with connecting roots, fungi, dirt, water, leaves, wind, sun, mountain, smoke, fire, microbes, possums, and everything inbetween that would make for so much “babble” that we’d be unable to hear).

Tamsin Kerr, August 2017.