Collaborations in Craft and Music: end of year event at the Cooroora Institute

A wonderful event.

Anika’s curating of the many teachers’ and students’ works looked stunning and hopefully inspired a few more to come along to 2018 classes. The new café worked well and Anika kept busy making warm drinks and serving cold ones.

Aunty Beverly gave us a lovely welcome to country with a note of gratitude for the Cooroora Institute as well. 

The music was miraculous – the soaring voice of Lizzie and many animal voices played by Linsey combined together to sing the opera of the earth. Our young enthusiastic whip bird joined in at the beginning of the concert and then the storm came. The sound of rain and running water joined in to thunderous applause (literally) at all the right places. The concert finished with a bang as the last piece was interrupted by one of those rare lightning and thunder claps at the same moment. I think we all jumped, but surprisingly the power stayed on. 

The fifty or so of us humans attending then admired the works, drank the wine, and ate the young bunya nuts collected by Isaac and Jim at the behest of Beverly, as well as more imported foods. 

Tamsin gave a vote of thanks to all involved in the 2017 year at the Cooroora Institute, finishing with the words: 

The world is built upon the fullness of half-remembered stories. Stories that speak to our intertwining: the metalsmith talks to the moon, the maiden to the wallaby, the wood artist to the mountain, the oceans to the turkeys, the trees to the spirits. These stories are always part of place. And only some of them are human.