Cooroora Institute Cultural Plan


To share the song of the earth through creative practice…


1.    To re-invest in fine craft as well as the site-specific visual and performing art.

2.    To recognise, respect, support, and inspire local artists and art communities.

3.    To act ethically, generously, and sustainably within a diverse community.

4.    To connect with skilled artists from around the world and bring their expertise to the local. 

5.    To recognise and converse with the artistry of the non-human: birds, trees, rocks, mountains, fungi, earth, water, insects.

6.    To explore, research, write about, and practice creative ideas and approaches which share the song of the earth.

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Something for Everyone

The Cooroora Institute has a great roll-up of events in wood, metal, words, and music over the next few months.

Check out our calendar, details. Don’t forget we close for all of 2019 for a sabbatical, so this is your chance to share the song of this country through creative practice. If you’ve been thinking, I’ll do that one of these years, this is the time to pounce.

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