Dr Tamsin Kerr

Dr Tamsin Kerr

The Poetics of Place

Tamsin Kerr

24 and 25 September 2016 9:30am-4:30pm


Exploring place through art journal and writing…

You’ll find the key tools for writing about connection to place as well as the beginnings of your own place journal:

  • build a knowledge of texts and nature writing,
  • play with weaving and wild printing from the plants around you,
  • sit with the stillness and wisdom of nature.

Tamsin says

"Some of the inspirations for this course: Barbara Hurd, Terry Tempest Williams, Mary Oliver, Barbara York Main, Annie Dillard, Margaret Sommerville, Freya Matthews, Judith Wright, Kathleen McArthur, John Wolesley, Andy Goldsworthy, and so many more.

We'll be putting together our own responses to one small area in our vine rainforest through conversation, wild printing, weaving, and words: a start to the many partnerships we can form with place wherever we are.

You'll learn a good process for writing words that speak to our emotions with intelligence and poetic conciseness; based upon reading, finding the still centre of a writing site, creatively transforming the blank page, and listening to both the place and to your own words."

Cost: $275 includes morning and afternoon teas, materials, and two days tuition. Bring lunch to share.

Dr Tamsin Kerr writes short stories and magazine articles about creativity and environment. She has a PhD on the role of the wild in the arts, and is nationally and internationally awarded for her Nature Writing. She has run workshops and given talks around the world and was voted best teacher in her last university course. She has a large social media following and directs the Cooroora Institute, sharing the song of the earth through creative practice.

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