Publications of Cooroora Institute  director Dr Tamsin Kerr .

2013 Monthly column “Art for Earth’s Sake” in Noosa News

Aug 2012 ‘To dream of sentience: artist/writer/environment collaborations’ in Her Circle: women’s creative arts and activism

Aug 2012 ‘Lessons in visual literacy: the Heysen Sculpture Biennial’ in Art Monthly #252

Feb 2011 ‘Sustaining Place and Community through the felt lives of objects: vibrant materialism in small cultural institutions’ Cultivate Sunshine Coast Council

Dec 2010 ‘An Ecoregional story: Ross Annels’ regional crafting of landscape memoir’ Art Monthly #236: 50-52

May 2010 ‘Weaving of country lost in translation: the problem of exhibiting environmental art’ Art Monthly #229: 30-33

Nov 2009 ‘The firings of floating land’ in Ceramics Technical # 29: 17-19

Sep 2009 ‘Revering the yokel and writing sustainably’ in WQ [The Place Issue] #188:

12June 2009 “Clues for our common future? Green art and Floating Land” Art Monthly #220

Dec 2008 “Pamela Kouwenhoven: Dryland” in Eyeline contemporary visual arts No.67: 68

Oct 2008 “If I say I love my place, what’s with the bags I’ve packed? The cultural changes required by landscape memoir and eco-regionalism” Art Monthly Australia #214: 5-8

March 2008 An inspirational life Val Plumwood Obituary Canberra Times March 12, Environment : 4-5

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Books and chapters

2013 “Today’s lesson is brought to you by the letter B: Botany, Bunyip, Beverly, Bidwill and Bunya” Shortlisted for Australia’s Nature Writing Prize, Nature Conservancy (shortlisted in Feb and announced as Runner-up in March 2013)

2011 Introduction ‘A Gentle Ecofeminism of craft’ in Shannon Garson and Rebecca Ward Swamp Cartography Artist published, Maleny, Queensland.

2008 Introductory essay ‘Landscape memoir of a fine furniture artisan’ in Kerr and Annels, The Contemporary Design of Ross Annels, Cooroora Institute Press, Queensland.

2006 Conversations with the Bunyip:The idea of the wild in imagining, planning, and celebrating place through metaphor, memoir, mythology, and memorySubmitted in fulfilment of the requirements of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Griffith University

*2003 Community Cultural Development frameworks QCAN Brisbane

*2002 “The woman who planted souls” in Songs of Unsung Heroes: Stories and Verse Celebrating Australian Women and their Work Queensland Council of Unions: 110-113

Conference and seminar papers

‘Nov 2013 Climate Change event speaker “Creative Resilience”, Cooroora Institute
June 2013 ‘The currency of birdsong’ key presentation, facilitated workshop, and chairing of three sessions at the Balance/Unbalance International Conference, Noosa

Sept 2012 Environmental Philosophy gathering, Val Plumwood’s Braidwood
August 2011 “Artist/nature becoming…’ Maroochy Art and Ecology Symposium

August 2011 ‘The Green of the Arts’ Pecha Kucha #7 key presenter, Sunshine Coast

June 2011 ‘The thinking of water’ WaterLab Symposium Floating Land Sunshine Coast

‘The community memory of place’ Gympie Regional Council Heritage Week presentation May 2011

Keynote ‘Sustainability and Museums’ Small Museums Conference, Sunshine Coast, Oct 2010

*(with Ross Annels) ‘Memory keepers, map makers, and material thinkers: the sustained offerings of craft objects’ Making Futures, World Craft & Sustainability Conference, Plymouth, Sep 2009

‘Listen like a river’ Creative Conservationists at The Ideas Festival, Qld State Library, Brisbane, March 2009

*'Peaceful space: sound, place, and the environment' in Creative Conservation 3, Uni of Queensland, Sept 2008

*‘If I say I love my place, what’s with the bags I’ve packed?’ ANU Symposium on Climate Change and the Crisis of Reason, June 2008.

*“Landscape’s dreaming the wild. Living Country and methodologies of Place Thinking; from poetry to madness and back again” Two Fires Braidwood, NSW March 2007

*Key speaker “The wilder memory of a bunyip” Putting Memory in Place Bloomington, Indiana USA Feb 2007

*”A Place for the Wild: Reconciling Culture and Reinhabiting Nature” Transformations Conference, ANU Canberra November 2006

General rapporteur, closing forum, Creative Conservation (Environment, Culture & Community 2) University of Queensland November 2005

*“Pan place, Coyote space, and Bunyip country: planning for wild-ness and ecological imagination in the creative city” ISOCARP Congress Bilbao, Spain Oct 2005

*“Bunyip festivals: ways to track and celebrate the non-human in our cities and regions” National Museum of Australia July 2005