Aunty Beverley Hand at the Bunya Dreaming festival  

Aunty Beverley Hand at the Bunya Dreaming festival


Language of Country WITH Aunty Beverly Hand 2017.

Two Series.

SOLD OUT. Last Saturday of the month. 9am-midday.

Sold out. First Sunday of the month. 9am-midday.

$110 for the full course, includes morning tea or coffee.


We are honoured that Aunty Bev is able to spend some time with us once a month to help teach the local language and culture of this region. Come speak the language of country and learn a little of the long Indigenous history and cultural practices of this place.

9am to midday.

Saturdays: last Saturday morning of the month. Adults only.  
29th April, 27th May, 24th June, 29th July, 26th August.

Buy a place in the Saturday  class 

Sundays: First Sunday morning of every month.
5th March, 2nd April, 7th May, 4th June, 2nd July, 6th August.

Sunday sold out.

Each session includes morning tea or coffee, $110 for the full course.

Places limited to 15 full price participants. Money will be donated to the 2018 Bunya Dreaming.


Aunty Beverly is a Kabi Kabi story-teller with an immense knowledge of local Indigenous traditions and history around South East Queensland, and this knowledge has been recognised through the University of the Sunshine Coast’s conferral of a fellowship. She established and ran Mimburi, a large river meeting place for reconciliation and connection, over the last five years, attracting thousands of visitors, indigenous, educational and community groups, teaching use and care of, as well as respect for, local materials and place. She runs Walking Talking Country tours and has introduced many to the wonders and details in understanding country. She re-established the traditional annual Bunya Dreaming in 2007, bringing together Indigenous groups with the wider community celebrating and connecting with the sacred bunya trees of the Blackall ranges in Queensland through festival, art, weaving, dance, song, and Bunya challenges. She has been involved with the Mary River CCC, Maleny Community Centre, Barung Landcare, and Cooroora Institute instigating and informing about local Indigenous culture.

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