Depth Ecology and the Animate Earth

After the first week together many of us were searching for a way to share writings and thoughts. I thought I’d set up this blog as a first step - I’d be very happy for anyone else to take over this role - but for the moment we can use this hidden blog on the Cooroora Institute website - we will give anyone from the group who wants to use the blog access to comment.

If you want to post a poem - there are two ways; you can send it to me as an email, or you can post it up as a comment and I will turn it to a seperate blog post. You retain copyright etc.

This eco-poetry group is not public. Poems may have been submitted for sole publication elsewhere, or may be competition pieces; so while they appear here to invited members (for comment and wonder), they may not be reproduced without the permission of the author/s. 

Source: depth ecology