Breathing: three poems



We secrete the earth in sounds

Some become words

Others become things, dances, musics

Between bird and bur, stars and spheres, beetle and fungi

Clay, stone, tree, and metal

Earth and human collaborators

Creating and making 

Every rhythm a translation

Vibration and resonance

Returning relationship between 

The deep between

Space dark and comforting 

Disturbing and glorious 

Reminding us we are never alone

There is always air…






Breathing with another

Together on the stone


Can lichen even breath?

She opens her brown cups amidst the pale green

Changes in response


Then baby moss, hidden ground cover

Bending close, nose to ground

Black becomes brown, a pale sepia


What do I learn? 

The baby moss performs (in loose translation)

Jokes about chameleon smoothness, prickles for neighbours

The lichen’s reciprocity, a healing return

To something about opening, somehow

Make the breath become your colour

Make another become your colour

(Perhaps she also speaks for moss)

 Deepening intimacy

Increasing intimacy

A collaborative exchange


Ground person returns to black

Stone person opens wider

Josh/ Cohosh

The plant or the giver

Healers both

Things of humble beauty

Strong in earth energies

Quietening breath

Enlivening action

Speaking truth

Rooted breath

Tamsin Kerr 2019