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Women's Woodworking Class

A gentle introduction to woodworking, including the use of hand tools, power tools and workshop machinery. In just one day a week for 4 weeks Ross will guide you through making a series of small wooden boxes, using increasingly sophisticated techniques each week.

 We will cover accurate marking out, and the use of hand planes, drills, and the router, mitre saw, bandsaw and table saw. We will explore a range of joinery options for our boxes, including simple butt joints, rebated joints, biscuit joinery and keyed mitre joints. 

Ross Annels is a studio artist/furniture maker who works from the Cooroora Institute on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. Ross teaches at the Cooroora Institute, at the Queensland College of Art, and at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Maine, USA. Ross has exhibited and presented in Australia, Canada, USA, Germany, UK and New Zealand, and his work has featured in publications including Art Monthly Australia, Craft Arts International, Australian Wood Review, 500 Chairs and 500 Cabinets

10:30am - 2:30 pm Tuesdays, 25 April - 16 May.

$400, includes materials.

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