Forming station in Bill Dorman's workshop

Forming station in Bill Dorman's workshop

Metal Techniques for Sculptors.

Fi Jul 21 to Sun, Jul 23 2016 9am-5pm


Bill Dorman is a sculptor, jeweller and teacher (more about Bill, and Bill's website). This workshop will cover a range of techniques for working with metals in sculptural context.

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In this 3 day workshop we will look at:

 ·      Safety- have fun while staying alive.

·      What your tools can do and what they shouldn’t do.

·      Getting to know your metals and what you can do with them.

·      Analysing your junk.

·      Initial design ideas.

·      Marking out and pattern making

·      Cutting metals

o   Plasma cutter

o   Tin snips

o   Angle grinder

o   Guillotine

o   Chisel

·      Joining techniques

o   Welding steel- oxy/acetylene,  Mig and stick welding. (not Aluminium)

o   Soldering and brazing

o   Riveting

o   Wiring

o   Folding

·      Shaping metal.

o   Sheet, bar and wire.

o   Hammers and stakes

o   Heating

·      Texturing your surfaces

o   Mechanical

o   Chemical

o   Heating

·      Adjusting and repurposing old tools


We will work on rotation with the Plasma cutter, MIG and oxy/acetylene welders so as all participants have adequate time to build up skills on these tools.

This is not a blacksmithing course although we will be using heat to shape metal and there are a lot of crossover areas.

All participants need sturdy, fully covered shoes, earmuffs, safety glasses and natural fibre clothing that fully covers skin for MIG or stick welding. Long hair needs to be restrained.

Feel free to bring your own metal tools and maybe learn a bit more about how to use them. Old hammers and chisels are good to make texturing tools with. Bring some junk metal or old pieces of metal or metal objects that inspire you. 

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