About Neville Parker

Neville Parker -Sculptor, Hard metals and stone.
Born in Auckland New Zealand.

Neville was a restless child with lots of energy and a burning curiosity about how things worked. For there whole of Nevilles school career he told anyone who would listen he was going to be an artist when he grew up so it was somewhat a surprise when he left school when 16 to work as a computer programer. In those days computers ran on tapes punched with holes and took up entire rooms and even city blocks and could only do basic functions compared to today. Still this was a creative job and Neville was keen to explore that creative opportunity. He mastered the concepts quickly but found little room for individual creativity and his thirst for knowledge and to challenge himself led him to try many different career paths on the way to his art practice these include, running engineering firms , hairdressing, product design and managing a chain of retail stores and more.

In 1993 while the Managing Director of an engineering company who manufactured both wood and gas home heating systems Neville was introduced to the amazing vastness of possibilities that steel offered in both manufacturing and in art. In the evenings and weekends he traded beer with some of his employees to train him in basic welding and cutting techniques. After months of making very ugly things that showed little or no resemblance to the stated goals he set out to make, he was addicted to metal and making art. He started selling at markets and weekend stalls and his skills improved with time. It was early 1995 when Neville decide to quit his job and become a full time sculptor/artist.

Since 1995 Neville has run two parallel and complementary career paths. 

One as an artist/sculptor has seen him make civic artworks for city councils and corporate collectors as well as consumable home scaled artworks in many media but primarily in steel and stone. His creations often involve mixing skill bases or concepts across media as exampled by his love of carving steel as he would carve stone.

The other is as a Gallerist. Neville has owned 5 galleries in the last 18 years and has sold Millions of dollars of art while representing hundreds of artists from New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Germany. The act of selling thousands of artworks is a creative action in and of itself but the joy has been most acutely derived from mentoring and guiding many of those artists to develop national and international practices.

Having his own outlets has enabled Neville to be able to indulge his passion for learning new materials and techniques while not having to find new outlets or marketing routs to sell them in. This has been a luxury that has created an environment of full creative freedom. A massive fan of the international Collaboration movement has exposed hime to many skilled artists willing to share and mix ideas and materials, this could be classed as Neville's natural tribal habitat.

In 2015/16 he sold his last 2 galleries in Nelson NZ so he could go back to his first love which is making and exploring his creative interests. He lives in a magical cliff top suburb on the edge of Tasman Bay with his wife and daughter and has rediscovered a connection with the environment and the natural world of his region.

So, its 2018 and Neville as ever, unable to settle without a challenge Neville has started a tourism company offering custom tours to Galleries, Artist studios and creative spaces in Nelson. His wish for others to see where the magic happens, and to understand the fact that art is a personal journey played out on a public stage, pushes Neville to want to promote and share in the world he has shared in and loves.

Artists statement of intent…

"ResiSt the OrdInarY"

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