Jeff Fraser Carving

Jeff Fraser Carving

About Jeff Fraser

Jeff is a late and accidental starter in woodwork, having been encouraged into wood turning by a close friend after taking an early retirement from his job in HR management.  To his amazement, Jeff found he could not only make things, but had some affinity with wood and could actually do a pretty fair job of it.

Joining the Cooroora Woodwork Club in Cooroy allowed Jeff to try other aspects of woodwork and eventually led him to making a spoon at the request of a friend.  After making a second, Jeff consulted Dr Google and found a new field of woodwork – spoonmaking - and was inspired particularly by the exquisite spoons of Norm Sartorius and Terry Widner (Spoontaneous).

For Jeff, it is all about the wood – the grain, texture, colour and the special ‘feature’ bits and incorporating them into a spoon-ish shape that flows and shows the wood to its best advantage.

His spoons are sometimes functional in the traditional sense, but are often more irregular and rather more decorative than designed as a kitchen utensil.  If, however, the function is to please the user, with rich and varied pieces of wood, lovely flowing lines, a pleasure to look at and hold – then to that extent they are indeed functional.

Jeff has developed his style which incorporates some wood carving, but also uses powered cutters and sanders to achieve the shape the wood and create 

Like his spoons, Jeff’s techniques are not traditional or textbook – but they seem to work for him.  They do incorporate some carving, but also uses powered sanders and cutters to size, shape and smooth.  What he hopes to bring to the weekend is to work with the wood – any wood – and to find forms and shapes that are interesting and appealing both to the eye and the hand.



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