Gary Field

Gary Field

About Gary Field

Gary’s love of woodcarving is strongly influenced by his love of nature. Over the last 40 years he has developed an individual style and has had solo exhibitions, worldwide commissions and exhibited Australia wide.

Gary is environmentally conscious and has salvaged & collected much of his raw materials and believes that every piece of a once living tree should be used.

He uses Australian & exotic fine timbers to create elegant collector spoons, often including semi precious stones & metals as a feature or a combination of timbers.

His approach is to design the shape he wishes to create then select a piece of timber that will become a work of art.

He has won numerous awards, demonstrated his woodcarving skills in Australia & New Zealand & is published in multi media.

Gary enjoys sharing his love of creating with people interested in developing a new skill and believes that spoon carving is the perfect place to start.


Gary Field, woodcarver sculptor

0401 575 166

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